How To Make A Belle Costume From Beauty

Belle Costume 2020

To dress like Tinkerbell, you don’t have to have fairy magic powders or move to Neverland. If your girl loves this charismatic Disney character, just gather the materials that we describe and spend a few hours of your time making this beautiful Campanilla costume.  If you dare, even you can get your own costume. Look how easy.

Step 1: Preparing the base of the costume

To start preparing your authentic Campanilla costume, you can rely on the use of a green one-piece swimsuit, or you can make it with your own hands.To do this, use a large lemon green shirt. Draw the silhouette of the dress, trim the justifyover fabric and go. Now you just have to sew by sticking to the line you have drawn. Simple, right?

Step 2: The Tutu

In this step, we will need a rectangular piece of white or light green tulle. The height of the piece should cover up to the knees of your little one, while the width will be determined place a green ribbon with a thin bow on the back.

Step 3: Making the wings

Tinkerbell’s wings is perhaps the most important element in the costume, and at the same time, one where we can splurge all our creativity.As for the materials, you will only need a piece of white cardboard, or four clothes hangers. In the latter case, you must remember that Campanilla has two round wings and two pointed ones. Arrange the wire of the hooks in this way and when they have obtained the appropriate shape, cover them with nylon.

Belle Costume

How To Make A Belle Costume From Beauty & The Beast

Step 4: Painting the wings

To paint the wings, we recommend that you use spray paint. Generally, Campanilla wore her blue wings, but you can give free rein to your imagination and choose the shade you like best. Just be sure to paint in a ventilated area and protect the floor with newspapers.If you want to enhance your costume with an extra touch of “magic”, you can apply a little glue on the wings. Use a sponge brush and mainly review the edges of the set.

Step 5: Riding the wings

Once the paint on the wings has dried, we will be able to attach them to the costume. Here you must adjust the tips of the wings with an elastic strap to hold them on the chest.How? Very easy. Sew the tips of the elastic and glue the final piece in the center of the wings with hot melt glue.Next, we line the central part with fabric and we end up decorating with a little shine. Alternatively, you can also use a white cord or wire to attach the wings to the torso.

Step 6: Testing the costume

The funniest moment of the whole process has arrived: try on the costume. At this point, remember that the wings should come first, then the dress, and finally the tutu.For footwear, we will obviously use ballerinas, especially if they are old or in disuse, since we can paint them in green, and even include a white pompom on the tip with some glue.Optionally, and if you do not want to spoil your dancers, you can always use a flat and discreet footwear, and line it with green cloth that you have justify over from the dress.

Step 7: The hairstyle

Tinkerbell hairstyle is very easy to simulate.To do this, just pick up your hair in a ponytail or high bun. Next, create a dancer’s bun or bun, wrapping the hair around the ponytail’s garter.To make it more tight, lean on the use of hairpins and pins, and once you have your hairstyle ready, decorate it with a piece of green or blue ribbon around the bun.If you prefer, you can also a net of the same color.

Step 8: the makeup

You look more and more like Tinkerbell! Now it’s time to focus on makeup. Our little fairy has a bright and perfect skin, so we will achieve this effect through a light base with shine.In the cheekbones, bet on very light tones, and in the eyes, it is best to have a shade of green or blue. You can also make use of a black eyeliner and a mascara.Finally, do not forget to decorate your lips with an intense red color. You will look irresistible.

Step 9: The magic wand

No. We have not forgotten the magic wand of Campanilla. Although you can find this accessory in a toy or costume shop, there is nothing as fun as doing it at home. In addition, you will hardly need a wooden stick and two pieces of cardboard.With the cardboard, trace and cut two stars. Paint them yellow and add some shine. Finally, glue the stars to the wooden wand. You can finish adorning the piece with sequins.


Remember that Tinkerbell is a small and simple fairy, so do not recharge your costume with jewelry or accessories that are too extravagant. If you use a necklace that is thin, the earrings, better small and discreet.

It is also a good idea to complete the costume with high stockings. Here you can even play with the design you have reached and choose different colors from white and silver to blue

Materials you will need for the Campanilla costume

Green swimsuit or large t-shirt
A piece of tulle
Color tapes
Clothes hooks
White cardboard
Spray paint
Glitter glue
Sponge brush
Piece of elastic
Hot melt glue
Wooden rod
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