The best games for kids between the ages of 2-8 year

best games 2020

New technologies hook children. Well, it’s time to take advantage of them to get them to learn while having fun. If you do not know how I will present a list of the best games for children, you will see how they bear fruit.

Ship Antics game

It is a simple game for children that will make them have to put all their abilities to solve the different puzzles and mysteries that are hidden in this game. The children are very hooked to the game with the aim of elping Captain Fred. It is very fun, and above all, very educational games, hence it is one of the most downloaded for Android.

Magic kinder game

It is a free game that can be easily downloaded on your mobile phone as on the Tablet as long as that operating system is used. You should know hat the game is complete, thanks to the fact that it includes a large umber of tories, stories, videos to this we must add mini-games so that they know the planet better, drawings to color on the screen.Endless things that you will like to the kids of the house.

Lightbot Code Hour game

This game recommends us from  It is a game in which children are taught in a fun way to program. As you know, programming is very important today. Hence this game can open inspiration and show that it was born to program.It is a very entertaining game and aimed at children under 12 years. It is a very intuitive game that more than one child will like.

best games

The best games for kids between the ages of 2-8 year

Lola’s alphabet train game

If your child is small and will start learning the letters, this game will be very useful. You should know that this game will help your children learn the alphabet in a simple and fast way. Not forgetting that it is included in different languages. Not only can you learn it in Spanish, but in other languages ​​such as English. It also includes a plus through which you can choose between different difficulties and thus get to learn different words. A great game to help the child learn faster when he is learning in school.

I read with Grin game

It is another educational game that children usually like, for their graphics and especially for their characters. It is a perfect game to start learning the words. But as you progress through the game, you will also learn to use those words in phrases. It is a game that helps a lot to gain educational level, so it can be a plus to learning in school.The game is divided into 30 very interesting lessons. It is a perfect game to play with parents.

The solar system game

It is a game for slightly older children. In this case, we will travel through the solar system to learn everything that is known about it. different planets, but they will also be able to learn interesting facts and history through different games.

Mathematics games with Zeus

Mathematics is usually a complicated subject for many children.this game will be very helpful. In this case, your child will have to be the protagonist of the game, which will have to overcome different goals.mathematics is essential. With this game, the child can learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide through different levels. It is a fairly long game.

Viridi game

The truth is a very entertaining game. The objective is not educational but seeks to teach the child that it is important to be responsible for achieving our goals.In this case, the child will have to take care of a small garden so that it grows pretty. In that small garden, you can plant and take care of different plants every day. It is a very relaxing game that also makes it a good game for adults. The music is relaxing, although it can be easily removed.

Count, educational stories

We are really facing a game that will offer the child a large collection of educational stories about different aspects such as science, history, nature … they are all very fun, and it is perfect to go to sleep.


This game is the second installment of the game. It stands out for seeking that the child learns to develop his logical thinking through different challenges. It has different characters and 270 levels. A complete game.