The Best Pacifiers For Breastfed Babies


Need help buying a pacifier? I invite you to continue reading. I have created a list of the best pacifiers, so you can buy the most suitable baby for you.

Chicco silicone pacifier

I really like this brand, as it offers a high-quality product. Depending on the age of your baby, you will have to bet on one model or another. The difference between models is their size. You can buy pacifiers for children under six months, for people older than six months or for people older than one year. If your child has already used a pacifier of this brand with good results, I recommend you continue betting on the brand. This will prevent your baby from rejecting it.The pacifier has been made of silicone. In addition, it has a top-quality nipple. The nipple is orthodontic Physio. Thanks to this system, your baby will continuously develop the mouth with the pacifier. A very soft model, with which your child will feel really at ease and protected.

It has been made in one piece. No piece will break. To this, we must add its small holes, through which it has been achieved that the baby can have all the oxygen it needs. The design and its characteristics are very good for the economical price it has. It is really one of the alternatives that I find most interesting.The pacifier can be purchased in different colors, such as blue, green, pink, or transparent.

Anatomical Suavinex Pacifier

On this occasion, I present an anatomical pacifier of very good characteristics. Your baby can enjoy the benefits of the pacifier and develop his mouth.One of the things I like most about this model is its illustrations and, therefore, its design. It has really beautiful drawings, which not only would you like, but your baby will also like it.The pacifier is made of top quality silicone.

silicone 2020

The Best Pacifiers For Breastfed Babies silicone 2020

It is very soft and flexible, so your child can move it without problems. Moreover, it has a super lightweight, which helps the comfort of the baby when enjoying this model.This model has been manufactured for children over six months, and you should never give it to children with fewer months. If you offer it, it will reject you.

If you are interested in knowing the measures of this model, they are 5.4 x 4.6 x 4.6cm.

Pacifier Lovi My Little Love

To finalize my list of the best pacifiers, I want to tell you about the Lovi pacifier pack. This model can be purchased in two colors. Pink for girls and blue for boys.This model has been manufactured for newborn babies, although it can be used until six months of age without problems.The brand has decided to significantly reduce its shield, in order to speed up the pacifier and make its weight much smaller than that of other models.

It has a nipple made of silicone. This nipple will adapt very well to the baby’s palate to avoid rejection. Moreover, thanks to its design do not affect breastfeeding, so the baby will feed the breast or bottle without any problem. This is possible because the nipple does not affect the natural sucking of the baby at any time.

Another detail that I love is its ring. Despite being white, it shines in the dark, so you can know where the pacifier is at all times.Thanks to its design, the baby can breathe without any problem through the nose and can swallow saliva effortlessly. In addition, it helps improve mouth movements. This will help you start talking earlier, which is appreciated.

Pacifier Benefits

The pacifier has been shown to have a calming and calming effect on the baby. The baby will feel more protected, so you can rest much better.In addition, it responds to the natural instinct of suction. It helps to make the baby much calmer.As if this were not enough, it has been shown that the use of the pacifier helps reduce the risk of sudden death.

Keys to choosing the best pacifier

The pacifier is a companion for the vast majority of babies. The most common is that babies always enjoy it, although there are some babies who do not use it, either at the decision of their parents or because they do not adapt to it.You must remember that the pacifier should not be the same throughout his life. As it grows, the needs will change, so you should buy other models to ensure that the baby can have a pacifier adapted to their needs. Of course, the changes are not easy, so it may take a while for your child to switch to new pacifiers. You will notice this easily. When you try to put it in your mouth, your child will expel it.

When buying the best pacifier, it is very important that it does not have tips or sharp edges. Before giving it to your child, it is very important to examine it thoroughly. This way, you can make sure everything is correct, and your baby will not have problems. In addition, it is very important that you can ensure that the pacifier has no removable parts. In principle, pacifiers should be of quality, but it never hurts to examine it to avoid any type of incident.The nipple must have nothing inside and must also have a maximum length of 33mm. If the size is larger, you should not buy it. For example, all the models that I have presented to you before have all the keys that I am talking about.

The pacifier disc has to be large. In this way, it will be avoided that the baby can swallow it. Before putting it in your mouth, you should see that the disc is larger than the mouth. In addition, you must have holes through which you can breathe. These holes are mandatory. And it is that thanks to them, in the event that the child came to swallow the pacifier, an almost impossible thing, he would not drown, because he could continue breathing thanks to the holes.You should also look at the size of the chain. At no time can you exceed 220mm. In this way, the risk of involuntary strangulation. It seems a lie, but children can become strangled involuntarily. Given this, we must always look at the fact that there is nothing around it that can cause strangulation, be it the chain, or ropes, for example.

Latex or silicone pacifier

Pacifiers are mainly made of silicone, although latex ones are also a great alternative. When buying one or the other, you will not be the one who will take the last option. Your child will be the one to say if he likes one material or another.I always bet on silicone pacifiers, they usually give better results in the vast majority of babies, especially if they are six or fewer months old. It is a variety that does not catch taste or smell. In the event that your child is allergic to latex, then this will be the only option for which you should bet.

Latex pacifiers are recommended for older children. They are perfect for babies who already begin to have teeth. This is because latex is much more resistant to bites. Of course, the transition from silicone to latex is not accepted by all babies. For this reason, if you want, you can try, but if you see rejection by your child, you will have to go back to the silicone version.

Pacifier Hygiene

It is very important that the pacifier is always clean. If it falls to the ground, you should never give it directly to your child. For example, if you go out, it is important that you take another pacifier with you. In this way, you can replace it with the one that has fallen to the ground. Of course, the replacement pacifier should always be the same as the one your child likes to avoid any rejection.

The pacifier has to be washed every little time to prevent bacteria from concentrating. You should always clean them carefully and do not use abrasive products. Remember that then your child will take it to his mouth. It always has to be as clean as possible.

When the child has teeth, it is very important to change the pacifier every little time. The teeth will damage the nipple. If you don’t change it every little time, what will happen is that the nipple will end up breaking into small pieces, which will be swallowed by your child. To avoid it, as soon as you see that it is damaged, you must change it for a new one.

Many parents always bet to give the same pacifier to the baby. That is, we do not bet on change. But this is really a mistake. We make the baby get used to a certain model, and then it is more complicated to change or replace it. To avoid this, experts always recommend rotating soother, so that the baby does not fall in love with a particular soother and make the change easier.

Remember, the pacifier has to be a help and not something necessary or mandatory for the baby. In addition, when it grows, it is important to remove the pacifier little by little. It is not recommended that the child reaches three years with a pacifier. Not only does it look very bad aesthetically, but the older it is, the more complicated it will be to remove it. Moreover, this stage is very hard for many parents. But it is a stage that your son or daughter must overcome. You have to avoid losing the battle in front of your son since you will be doing him good. You will see, when a week or two weeks pass without a pacifier, you will forget it, and finally, you can have passed this stage.