How to Choose the For Breastfed Babies

Philips Avent soothers

Need help buying a pacifier? I invite you to continue reading. I have created a list of the best pacifiers, so you can buy the most suitable baby for you.

Philips Avent soothers

I present a very nice and perfect pacifier variety for boys or girls with an age between 6 and 18 months. They are pacifiers that adapt very well to the needs of the vast majority of children. Hence many parents buy them to avoid the rejection they have with other models.This variety stands out for lighting up slightly at night. Remember that the lighting should be very light, to avoid that the baby can be alarmed by the light and not rest well. Instead, it will be really useful for you. Thanks to this system, you will know where the baby and the pacifier are, especially if it has fallen. That way, you won’t have to wake him up at any time.

I like it because it includes a hood. This way, you can cover it when your son or daughter is not using it. That is, you can prevent it from getting dirty with germs.The weight, despite being slightly large, is not at all high. It has an approximate weight of 59 grams, so your child will not have any problem when it comes to enjoying its benefits. Finally, I have to comment that the pacifier has been manufactured with silicone, passing all safety tests. You can be sure that your baby will not suffer any damage if you bet on this model.

Philips Avent soothers 2020

How to Choose the For Breastfed Babies: Philips Avent soothers 2020

Philips Avent pacifiers for newborns

Following in the wake of some of the best brands of pacifiers, I present the perfect pacifier for your newborn child. This variety has been designed for babies aged 0 to 6 months.The quality of them is very good, although it is characterized by being a little smaller and lighter than the previous ones. Of course, a newborn baby is not as strong as one that is already more than six months old.

The model has a safety ring, which shines at night. As in the previous case, the brightness is not high, to avoid drawing the baby’s attention.The nipple is anatomical silicone. Because it is very flexible and does not have any taste or smell, your child will feel really comfortable with the pacifier, both day and night. Of course, avoid giving the pacifier too much time, as it can get used, and then it will be very complicated to take it off. You should always give it to the right measure. Protect it while it is not being used. A hygienic measure is really very important.

Nuk Mickey physiological pacifiers

If you are looking for a good physiological pacifier, this model will love you, just like your baby.This variety of pacifier has passed all necessary safety measures, which ensure that the pacifier does not disassemble or cause problems for the baby.It has a very beautiful ring. The drawing you will find will be that of Mickey mouse. At the same time, the colors can be chosen according to the needs and tastes of each person.

The pack is sold with two silicone pacifiers. Remember, they are perfect for children up to 6 months of age, although some babies may accept them for a few more months.This variety of pacifiers is really very good. Hence the quality-price is one of my favorite options. Moreover, it is one of the lightest varieties on the market. It has a weight of fewer than 20 grams, which makes the baby can sleep with the pacifier in the mouth without any effort.

Pacify pacifiers

I present another model of a safe pacifier, to be sure that the baby will not suffer any type of evil. It has been examined and has no small parts that can cause the baby to drown.The pacifier has been manufactured with top quality silicone. Your child will feel really comfortable with this model, which adapts very well to all kinds of needs. Of course, the model has been manufactured for use in babies six months or more. You should never give it to a smaller baby, as it will reject it because of its size and weight.

Its design is really very beautiful. It has several colors and designs to choose from, so each one can choose the one he likes best. I personally liked the batman model more, but this is already a matter of taste. You can choose between brown, red, yellow, among many other colors.The model has been manufactured to fit the baby’s mouth perfectly. In the upper part, it has been trimmed slightly so that the nose does not suffer at any time.