Homemade Halloween Costumes for Everyone

Halloween Costumes 2020

What is Halloween costume:

Halloween costume  is one of the funniest parties of the year for adults and children, so we do not want you to miss the chance to delight the night, and to surprise your friends and family, we invite you to make a spooky costume   of ghost. In a few minutes you can achieve a spectacular design with our tutorial, and best of all, you will hardly need materials. Look it here.

Step 1: Preparing the ghost costume

The first thing you should do is trim the brim of an old cap. You can buy the cap in a second-hand store or use one that you have stored in a corner of your home. Of course, make sure the cap is completely white so that it does not protrude above the sheet. When you trim the wing, make sure that the cap fits perfectly on your head or that of your little one.

Then, put on the cap and cover your body with the sheet you will use. It is important that the sheet does not drag on the floor because you could fall while walking. Nor does it need to be too short, although the best thing is to touch the ground lightly to achieve a perfect spooky flotation touch. To enhance the effect, trim the sheet in a jagged manner or with small pointed peaks.

Step 2: Fixing the center of the sheet

When you have everything ready, use a black marker to mark the top center of your head. This should also match the center of the cap. Next, mark the holes that correspond to the eyes. If you are preparing the costume for your little one, ask him to use his fingers to point to the corresponding place in the eyes.

Now remove the sheet and without removing the cap, fix it to the set with two or three pins. Remember that the center of the cap should converge with the center of the sheet you have previously marked. Optionally, and if you do not want the marker’s black point to be noticed, you can invert the sheet, or use a white concealer or an invisible marker for fading cloth.

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Adults, Kids, and Everyone

Step 3: Making the eyes and mouth

Guiding you through the points you have marked for the eyes, cut the inner fabric portion with a cutter or scissors. The eye holes should be twice as large as the person’s eyes so as not to interfere with their vision or prevent the sheet from disturbing when the costume is used. For the mouth, you must proceed in the same way, although here the options depend on your creativity. You can recreate a wavy mouth, an evil laugh or an inverted crescent. Similarly, you can create a nose hole, although this will detract from your design.

Step 4: Creating spooky scraps

If you have trimmed the bottom end of the sheet to avoid rubbing the floor too much, do not discard the scraps. With some rubber or fabric glue, you can easily create strips to fit along the costume, this will give you an extra touch of originality.

Step 5: Adding a highlight

This step is possibly the most important of all, as it is the one that will give the true ghostly effect to your outfit. To do this, you can use a small flashlight or several blue or white LED light tapes. If you decide to use a flashlight, you must hold it up in the center of your chest with the help of a string or thread.

The reflected light will illuminate your face and give you a more frightening appearance.In the same way, you can attach two extra flashlights to your calves, so that you illuminate the ground in your path. That makes you want to try it!

Step 6: Final retouching

To end with your costume in the purest Halloween  Costume style, you just need to concentrate on the small details. For example, it is important that you wear a white sweatshirt or t-shirt, and white pants or tracksuit below the sheet so that it does not stand out. You can also resort to the use of white shoes and socks to reaffirm your costume.At the same time, keep in mind that children may feel overwhelmed if they wear the costume for a long time. A variant that you can use is to make a hole so that the head is exposed.

In those cases, you should resort to the use of white makeup to combine with the set. You can also sprinkle some flour or powder for makeup on the person’s hair. Draw gray circles on the eyelids and under the eyes, and color the lips and eyebrows with white lipstick. As an additional detail, try painting the nails white or yellow. Without a doubt, your little one will become the life of the party.

Materials you will need to prepare the Halloween costume

  • White sheet
  • White baseball cap
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Black marker pen
  • Pins
  • Fabric glue
  • Makeup and lipstick for the face
  • Flour
  • White concealer (optional)
  • White nail paint (optional)