How Homemade lion Costume for Everyone

lion Costume 2020

What is lion costume?

Has your little one asked you for a lion costume? Perfect. Before speeding to the nearest store, try to do it with your own hands through this simple step-by-step tutorial. Actually, to get your little king as a fearsome king of the jungle, you will only need a little materials and a couple of hours of dedication.

Step 1: Preparing the lion’s bod

For the basis of this costume, you will need to have golden or cream colored clothing. A jumpsuit is perfect, although a tracksuit and a jacket or sweatshirt will be more than enough.Now select a piece of brown felt and mark on it a giant oval that covers from the chest to your child’s navel.Once you have marked with the marker, trim it and stick it to the belly of the costume with fabric glue (you can also sew it). In case you use a jumpsuit, you can cut the oval vertically so that it does not interfere with the closure.

Step 2: Creating the ears

For the ears, we will use the brown felt again, but this time we will make two triangles of fat tips.Then, with a piece of golden felt, draw two other triangles, slightly larger than the previous ones. Cut out these triangles and paste the smaller ones in the center.If you want a little more realism, you can join with glue or sew two triangles to fill them with polyester fiber or any pillow padding.At the end, sew each piece in a plastic headband and distribute them on each side of the head to have very beautiful lion ears.

Step 3: Making the mane

The first step is to measure your child’s head. With a flexible measuring tape, place one end on your chin, and surround the face through the top of the head until you return to the chin again.Now, with a piece of elastic, you need to trim according to the measurement made, but leaving about 2.5 cm less so that the elastic can easily fit the faceNext, insert the elastic in a yellow polar lining band about 5 cm wide, and sew both pieces.Then, cut another piece of yellow, gold and brown fleece to obtain small strips or fringes (10 to 15 cm long) that will make up the lion’s mane.Glue the strips to the elastic band made above (always alternating colors), and finally, sew the ends of the elastic.

lion Costume

How Homemade lion Costume for Adults, Kids, and Everyone

Step 4: Achieving the lion’s tail

For this step, we will use the yellow fleece again. Specifically, you will need a piece 1 meter long by 6 cm wideWhen you have marked and trimmed, it will be the turn then to sew the edges of the fabric until you get a kind of hollow tube.Similar to the ears, now fill the tail with polyester fiber until reaching the desired volume.For the tip of the tail, you can use some strands of brown yarn or make small fringes with brown fleece.Finally, sew the tip of the tail at one end, and on the other side, fasten the tail to the pants or jumpsuit with glue or needle and thread.

Step 5: Finalizing details

Your child already looks more and more like a tender lion costume. Missing? Well pay attention to the small details that make the difference.For example, to cover your hands, you can wear yellow gloves, and also, use socks of the same color for your feet.In the case of the face, we recommend that you use paint or makeup to create a brown nose and three whiskers on each cheek.Alternatively,

You can make a snout with your own hands. You just need some plastic or felt with a circular or triangular shape. Next, sew or glue on each side three horizontal fringes that will make up the whiskers.That’s it, now use a string to fix the snout to your little boy’s face, and voila … A king of the jungle!

Materials you will need for the lion costume

  • 100 cm brown felt
  • 100 cm yellow fleece
  • 50 cm brown and gold fleece
  • Golden jumpsuit, or tracksuit and sweatshirt
  • 2.5 cm elastic
  • Piece of wire
  • Polyester filling
  • Golden and Brown Thread
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Fabric glue
  • Measuring tape