How Homemade Maleficent Costume for Everyone

Maleficent Costume

What is Maleficent Costume?

Maleficent is one of the most popular witches in the entire Disney universe. Therefore, it is not surprising that both you and your daughter are passionate about dressing up on this Maleficent costume as the true witch of Sleeping Beauty. In the same way, you can also rely on the design of your suit in the character of the recent Maleficent movie, played by Angelina Jolie. In any case, and if you go from acquiring your costume in a specialized store, here is an effortless and creative way to get your dress. Enjoy it.

Step 1: Making the suit

Possibly this is the most natural step to achieve your costume. If you want to look like a real Maleficent, you need to rely on the use of a completely black suit. You can wear a long robe or a black dress that you have in your closet. For the cape, this should be as long as the dress, so you must use a piece of black cloth, which you will string with a ribbon or string to hold it by the neck. In the case of footwear, this should be black.

Here you can indistinctly wear boots or ankle boots, or maybe flat shoes to feel more comfortable if you are looking for more elegance, nothing like high heel footwear or platform. If you decide to recreate the animated character of Sleeping Beauty, you can combine the color black with other shades such as lilac or violet, especially for the inner face of the cape and sleeves.

Step 2: The horns

The typical element of Maleficent is its elongated horns on the head, and although it seems somewhat complicated, they are straightforward to make. You only need two pieces of wire, which you will have to mold with your hands or through a plier, to give it that characteristic curved shape. Once you have completed the design, it is the turn to line the wire with newspaper, foam or any material that provides greater consistency and volume.Then, line the horns with a black cloth or metallic paper, and finally, fix them to a metal headband so that they are well adjusted on your head.

Maleficent Costume 2020

How Homemade Maleficent Costume 2020 for Adults, Kids, and Everyone

 Optionally, you can also use a black-painted shower cap or a black balaclava that covers the entire forehead, ears, hair, and part of the face. Generally, the horns can measure between 15 and 20 centimeters, but you can be guided by your taste to give it an adequate height.To provide more firmness to the horns, we recommend that you use two glasses (one for each horn). Drill the crystals in the base to be able to string the wires and stick them with American tape.

Step 3: The Scepter

This is another of the typical elements of Maleficent costume. To achieve a fantastic and original wand, you must get a long piece of stick, wooden stick, or branch. If you prefer, you can also use a broomstick or mop. In any case, line the element you have chosen with newspaper or metallic paper, and fix it with glue. Once the material is dry, you can paint it to your liking, whether you decide to use the yellow of the animated film, or the black of the Maleficent costume film. At the top end of the wand, do not forget to recreate a staff or unique ornament to denote the symbol of an evil power that characterizes this character.

Step 4: Makeup

We are about to get a completely authentic Maleficent costume. Now we will focus on makeup to complete the outfit in style. For the classic version of Maleficent in the Disney animated film, we can use a green makeup base, then reinforce with a lilac or dark violet eye paint, in addition to a black eyeliner for the edge of the eyes and a mascara layer.Next to the mascara, you can also use an eyelash curler that doubles the final effect. Then, use an intense red lipstick for your mouth, and if you want to bet on an extra touch of creativity, do not forget to paint your nails black (preferably, use very long black false nails).On the other hand, if you decide more for the Maleficent costume of Angelina Jolie, you should use a more transparent makeup base than the tone of your skin.

This will give you a very interesting paleness for your costume. In addition to that, you will be able to resort to a layer of translucent powder to complete the makeup and avoid excess brightness.For the eyes, you can use a dark shade (brown or gray), then outline your eyelids with a darker color than the shadow you have used, and draw lines at picudo angles to further highlight your character. Finally, don’t forget your cheeks. Here you can apply some bronzing powder to describe an inclined vertical line. That is all. Surely, you will have been irresistible.

Materials you will need for your Maleficent costume

  1. A long black dress or black tunic
  2. Piece of cloth the same length as the dress
  3. Ribbon or string
  4. Black shoes or booties
  5. Disposable cups
  6. 50 cm wire
  7. Metallic paper
  8. Newspaper
  9. Glue
  10. American tape
  11. Black paint
  12. Wooden stick or stick