The 5 Best Virtual Pet Games for Your Mobile

Pet Games

After carefully reviewing what are the best mobile pet games that currently exist in the market, our experts have chosen the most top based on features such as their graphics, functions and the level of entertainment that each of them can provide. Read on to find out which are the best mobile pet of the year.

The Pou

Undoubtedly one of the most famous games when it comes to virtual pets is the Pou. It is a very fun game in which you have to take care of a Tamagotchi species that has a very ugly shape like poop but is very affectionate and original. You can also decorate it of all colors and also add varied clothing to customize it to the fullest. This app has many options and allows you to feed Pou, dress him and take care of him to make him really happy.

The Pet shop Story

If you are looking for a different mobile pet game, Pet Shop Story is just what you need since it is not just about taking care of a virtual pet but it is based on the fact that users will have to create a home to take care of all their pets to the fullest. In addition, this game also has a social part for users to share all their experiences and it is certainly a very fun way to make community and meet many new people. It seems a good alternative if you are looking for a mobile online pet game to spend your free time.

Pet Games 2020

The 5 Best Virtual Pet Games 2020 for Your Mobile and children


On the other hand we find a game that is not available in the Android store or Apple but which you can play if you follow some simple tips to play Pokeone . It is a very different game because it allows you to breed pokemons and go playing with them for the Pokémon world with what is a different and original game in which the main pets are these magical “animals” with which you will not stop living Adventures and have a great time at all times. It is a good mobile game that will undoubtedly provide many fun times for young and old.

The tiny monsters

In second place we find the Tiny Monsters game. It is a mobile game or app in which you can also take care of magical creatures as it happens with the Pokemon. With this game you will be able to raise the monsters, build their habitat and cultivate all their plants so that your monsters grow healthy and can evolve little by little as they grow and grow older. It is a game available for Android.


Finally, we find another of the best mobile pet games that exist right now, so you can spend a lot of good time playing games and it is also a good option to teach children to take responsibility for a pet before buying one to share with They live. Hatch is a very fun game and Fugu is a great pet and also as the graphics of this game are very good it is very nice to play with him.

Fugu sleeps while the phone is off or charging but from there you have to be aware of it with what is interesting if we have a lot of free time or want to entertain in the dead hours on public transport, etc. If we take good care of him, he will lick the screen, dance or sing while if he is sad he can become evil.