Best School equipment list For Your Children Needs

Staedtler pens

Your child should always take all necessary school supplies to a school in order to study and learn at an appropriate pace. I have created a guide with the best school materials so that your child can have everything he needs.

Katara case

If you want your child to go to school happy, it is important that you buy a good case like the one I recommend on this occasion.This case is very convenient to use, while it is unisex. Thanks to its lightness, it will not cost your child anything to carry in his backpack, while it has more than enough space to carry pens, pens, rubber, and everything you need to go to class and take notes.The case has been manufactured with high-quality aterials, so your child may have a case for many years unless he gets tired and wants to acquire a new model in the next school year.

As it has a zipper, it is very easy to open and close. I can assure you that it is a very practical case model. The measurements are 19.6 x 12.4 x 1.6 cm, which shows that it is a very interesting option for your child.It really is one of the best cases that you can buy today since, for a quality price, you will not be able to find anything better. Your children will thank you for this purchase because they can carry all the material without problems, thanks to how spacious it is.

Bic colored pens

To accompany the aforementioned case, I will recommend you buy some good Bic pens. Not only are they really recognized pens, but they are also pens that give very good results. They are very loaded with ink and write really well because they are very easy to hold thanks to their design.The pack that I recommend to buy your child has eight pens of different colors. Normally the most used is blue, but surely, if your child has more colors, he will use them to make the writing more beautiful.

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The Best School equipment list For Your Children Needed To Educational

It has been shown that students who use colored pens get better grades. This is because the notes are much more colorful, so they are easier to memorize.Bic’s crystal pens feature a 1.6mm thick tip. This tip is perfect for writing even fast. This will allow your child to take notes without problems.

These pens really are my favorites. They have shown me throughout my life that they are of very good quality and have a very competitive price. Hence I have included it in this list.

Staedtler pens

Within your child’s school supplies, a good pen should never be missing. In this case, I recommend you buy the pack of 12 Staedtler brand pens. As in the previous case, I recommend this brand since I have always grown with this range of pens and have always given me very good results.The model that I recommend is HB graduation and has a fine point of 2 mm. Your

children can write or even draw with this range of pens without any problem. His writing is really very fine.In addition, they are very easy to tip and are very resistant. This is due to the fact that the mine is very hard and, above all, has a double gluing, which prevents the tip of the mine from continuously breaking, as is the case with other models.As if this were not enough, researching a little more about the brand, I could see that the wood is obtained in an ecological way. Only wood from sustainable forests is used. Hence they are my main alternative when buying good pens.

Oxford spiral notebooks

Who has not used at least once in his life the renowned notebooks of the Oxford brand? I have personally used this brand a lot, and as I have always done very well during my student years,I recommend you to use it for your children to use.These notebooks are very good to take to school.So much to realize the duties as to take notes.They have the alignment that your cildren need to be able to write without twisting.In addition,since they have  spiral, passing the leaf is really very easy. They allow you to have a double sheet or fold it in half to enjoy a single sheet and take up less space.

Each notebook has 80 sheets of folio size, so your children will have more than enough space to write many things at school moreover,if they have the fine print and do not have many notes, with a notebook, they could have more than enough for a subject during a course.As expected, these otebooks are not hardcover but are cardboard cover. Even so, I think they are the best option for quality market price.

Stabilo fluorescent markers

As I said before, studying is much easier if you have a beautiful and well-organized note.To make it easier for your child to study it, I recommend that you buy these fluorescent markers. With them, you can highlight the most important phrases or concepts of the notes, to remember them much better. It has been shown that through photographic memory, you can learn much more than if you study many hours.

You should be clear that these markers are not expensive at all and can help your child remember the main concepts much better.Many times parents think that these types of markers are craving for our children, but experts have shown us that it is a tool that all parents should provide their children.

SKL school bag I’m a galaxy

With this backpack, your children can go to fashion and take all the school supplies they need to school.The galaxy-shaped design is making more and more classmates of my children want to take it, and of course, my children also carry it.The backpack itself is of very good quality and very resistant to weight. Inside my children can carry books, the Tablet, notebooks, the case  and everything they need and enters without problems because it is very spacious.

Of course, my children use it to go to school, but it can be used for whatever you want, whether to go to practice a sport, take a trip, it is a model that adapts to all kinds of occasions.In addition to its design, I like it to be rain resistant. This is very good since textbooks will always be protected. We all know that children don’t mind getting wet.if course, remember that you can buy this backpack with different designs. Your child can go fashion without repeating his classmates’ backpack.

Mr. Wonderful School Agenda

I am one of the people who recommend that all children have a school agenda, so they can write down their things and not forget anything.
This model is one of the best for your children; it is complete and has everything you need your children can carry everything well targeted.

The agenda is full of inspiring phrases to encourage the child and get him to have the optimism necessary to enjoy a good day, even if it is quite complicated.This agenda model has 160 pages, in which your children can write a whole school year, whether homework, exams, excursions, birthdays, there is more than enough space.

It has an elastic band so that the agenda does not open while it is not being used and can be broken. This is very good since the covers and sheets will not be folded in the wallet. Another detail that I found very interesting is that it has an inside pocket. It is not very big, but it is very useful.

How to choose the best school supplies?

The children are looking forward to the new school year to release the school material, but sometimes you will have to renew it before because it has not endured the pace of the year during the course.In the market you can find a wide variety of models of pens, pens, notebooks, backpacks so knowing how to choose the most suitable for your child is very important. Remember, your children will get carried away by the drawings and especially by advertising. You must take measures to prevent whims from making the final price the highest.

As you have seen, in this article, I show you a wide variety of school supplies. This variety stands out for being of high quality at a good price.For example, many children will ask you for a pencil holder. In this case, you will have to assess whether it is interesting to buy it, or it is better to bet on the traditional pencil, which is cheaper. If you can afford to spend a little more money, it may be interesting to buy a pencil holder, but if you have a tight budget, then you should always buy a pen from your child, like the one I have shown you in the list above.

When purchasing a case, you should value the things that will be carried in it. Nowadays, bag-type cases are widely carried, although tin cases or paddle lobbing cases can also be an alternative. This will depend on the use your child will give you.Notebooks are a must buy. This purchase should always be made with your head, thinking about the quality of the product and the price. I personally always buy my children notebooks with plain and simple covers but have good quality sheets. An example can be seen in the Oxford notebooks that I have recommended before.

These notebooks are very well priced and will allow your children to take notes easily. I do not recommend paying much more money for brand notebooks, since the results are the same, but in return, you have to pay more for them.The purchase of the portfolio is one of the strengths of the school beginning. In this case, I always like to give a free path to my children to buy the one they like best. Of course, I put a price limit, and the same can not be passed. Once you have chosen the model, I always make sure that the handles are wide and that the backrest is strong.

So I make sure that my children can carry everything inside without damaging their back. For me, backpacks do not convince me.You must correctly choose erasers, paints, markers, glue, and all the school supplies your children may need. Normally, teachers usually give a list of the things the child will need, as long as the child is small. When they are older, they need less. Moreover, when they are older with pens and markers to underline, it may be more than enough when completing the inside of the case.

Ideas to buy cheap school supplies

You should always keep in mind that the material has to be of good quality so that your children can study in an appropriate way. You should never bet on buying poor quality material, as it will cause your child’s education to be inadequate.When buying textbooks, it is very important to purchase them in large stores or online. If you buy from these places, saving can be very important compared to the price you would have to pay for the same books in a neighborhood bookstore.

It is important that you do not get carried away by the whims of your children or promotions You should always acquire what your  children really need. So you can save enough money and use that money to buy clothes for your children or other things.You should take advantage of going back to school to explain to your child the importance of makingresponsible consumption.

This should always be explained whether you have money justifyover or fair. It is very important that your child learn to value what he has. To achieve this, you must avoid giving all the whims you may have when buying school supplies.It is important to let children participate in the purchase so they can give their opinion.Finally, if you have a child who spends a lot of time in the bookstore, parallel the feet.

Many children have an obsession with leaving school and going quickly to the bookstore to buy a pen or a new notebook. I invite you to go talk to the teacher, to see if that school material is really necessary or instead is awhim of your child. These whims may seem small, but as a whole, they will take a good part of your budget.Remember, you should always buy quality things and look for the best prices, so that your child can have everything he needs to enjoy a good school year.