The 6 best educational toys for schoolboys

Educational toys

The Six best educational toysChoosing an educational game for your child is not always easy. To help you in the choice, we have created a list of the best educational toys, so that your child can learn while playing.
for schoolboys and girl

Sgile fishing toy

If you are looking for a fun game for your child, this fishing game will surely not disappoint you. Based on the traditional magnet fishing game, the objective of the game is to catch the maximum number of fish of the same color.In order to win, your child will have to look for the fish of their color and have the ability to fish them through a small rod.

The rod-like the fish has a small magnet, which is responsible for removing the fish from the base of the game.The circular base will be in continuous movement to increase the difficulty and, above all, to increase the emotion. It is a perfect game to play with other children or with the parents themselves. It’s a lot of fun, so you won’t mind playing with yourcildren.

The game has been manufactured with high-quality materials, without any toxic. Of course, you can only let children over four years of age play, to prevent fish from taking them to their mouths and swallowing them.In addition, it has sound, although it is true that if you spend many hours playing, it can be a bit grating. A pity that can not be removed, because it would be a game of 10.

Tensoger educational toy

child, you have a child than 7, this game will help you have fun and significantly increase your intelligence. Of course, the game is not recommended for children under 5 years, because it has small pieces. Be very careful if there are babies near the game.The game includes 48 sticks and 36 balls. The goal is to make different shapes with these pieces, to be able to make really fun constructions .

The game may seem very simple, but to get a good build it is necessary for the child to use his intelligence.In addition, as a father or mother you can also use it. I sometimes play with it to calm down after a hard day at work.With this game, your children can learn in a simpler way to tell, colors and above all they can learn to build different things.

The game has no limits, the limit is only set by the child’s creativity.If you are looking for an economic and educational game for your children to enjoy to the fullest, surely with this game you will succeed.

Diset educational briefcase

Are you looking for a game that helps your child learn the letters and read in a simple way? With this game you can get it. And it is that your child will not realize that he is learning, but will only be aware that he is having fun.
This game is perfect for children over 3, 4 years old , as it will help them to gain more knowledge during the time of learning letters.It has been developed by psychopedagogues, to foster the intelligence and language of children who use it.

Educational toys 2020

The 6 best Educational toys 2020 for schoolboys

I personally did not know him, but my son’s teacher recommended it to me. The truth is that I have seen a great evolution in my son, hence I recommend it.The game itself is very simple, while learning to spell and read quickly .Inside the briefcase you can find 15 pictures with 6 words each, so that your child can begin to recognize the first words.

For example, there is a very interesting picture about animals, in which the child has to write words like cow, sheep or dog among others. In addition, the case is very easy to transport, so the game can be taken anywhere.

Asmodee educational toy

This time I present a perfect game to play with the whole family . And it is that despite being perfect to increase the education of children, it is very important that the whole family play with the child. If I don’t remember correctly, this game can be played by up to 10 players.With this game your children can create a lot of history.

They only have to roll the dice and according to the results, they must create a story. It is a very fun game without competition, so there will not be any kind of sting among the players. For this reason, if you have more than one child, they will enjoy the game to the fullest.t really is a familiar game for all ages. The important thing is to create good stories, to have a great time.

Moreover, if you have a slightly more shy child, you can teach him that with a little effort everything can be achieved. It is a game to educate and eliminate shyness of children since childhood.If you see that your children get our attention, I invite you to play with your partner. You will see how as soon as I see you have fun, you will also want to play and imagine stories.

Inno Tech construction educational game

In the case of looking for a toy so that your son or daughter can develop their cognitive, motor and creative capacity, you will surely find it very interesting, while your child will love spending hours and hours playing with it.Through this construction game, which can be used by children over 3 years old, your children can create countless things.

The game has 76 pieces of high quality and manufactured with non-toxic materials, to avoid poisoning in case the child sucks the pieces. These pieces are magnetic, which means that joining and removing them is very easy. Depending on the creativity, your children can perform some creatives or others. Moreover, if so far they are few creatives, you will see a great evolution in them.

You should always leave them alone and build at their own pace. If one day they fail to build anything, nothing happens, surely the next day they will succeed. It is a very addictive game that the vast majority of children like. In addition, thanks to its color, children are very attracted when using it.

Lectron educational game

A perfect game for children between 4 and 6 years old is the game of My first letters of the Lectron brand. Through this game you will allow your children to spend hours and hours of fun while learning language and writing. I have really tried it and it is very entertaining. Hence, I will finally buy it from my son.If you bet on this pack, you will see that inside it has 12 illustrated sheets.

These sheets have a pencil that lights up when the correct answer is chosen . The boy or the girl will only have to put the pencil on the answer that he thinks is correct and the pencil with a sound and light will tell him if he has been right or not. So your child can play the game without your upervision, since at all times he will know if the answer chosen is correct or not.

I personally recommend it for children of 4 or 5 years , since children of 6 years in principle already have more knowledge and the game can be a bit simple. But for children who are beginning to read, it is a fun game through which they can overcome many challenges.

Tips to buy the best educational game

Children are always the true protagonists of families, especially if it is a special day for them, such as their birthday.If you do not know what to give him, it can be a good opportunity to give him a good educational game, so they can enjoy while they learn.To get a toy to be educational, it must not only be good, but must also be desired by the child .It has been shown that as good as the game is, if the child shows no interest in it, there is nothing to do.

The game will not be educational

The game will not be educational at all, since your child will not pay attention.It is very important to always bet on games that interest you.When you go to buy a game, you always have to make sure that it is suitable for your child’s age and above all it is safe.To see this last point, it is very important to verify that it has been approved. To avoid problems, we do not recommend buying these types of games in poorly recognized places, such as Chinese bazaars.

You should always buy them in toy stores or recognized companies, which give you the guarantee that the game is of quality. Do not forget that the smaller the child, the larger the pieces of the game should be. This way you can avoid more than one accident.You should never buy a game with small parts from a 2 year old.

The personality of the child of the house very important

It is very important to take into account the personality of the child of the house . If for example it is retracted, it is important that you buy social games. You should not buy games in which only he can play.You always have to buy games that are played with other children or with the family, so that you gradually get used to socializing.In no case should you fill your child with toys .

You should know that this will not do you any good. It is better that you have only a couple of games to choose from, not a great variety. And the more you have, the more complicated the decision will be, so the robability of playing one is very small. Since childhood you always have to get used to enjoying what little you have.

You should not mistake

You should not make the mistake of giving him too much, since he will not know how to value what he has.On many occasions your child will ask you for a specific game. In this case, you should not make the mistake of buying it automatically. You always have to evaluate if the game is really necessary and especially if it is a passing craving or not. If it is a craving, the child will only play a few days with the game and leave it in the back of the closet forever.

Games should not be used as a weapon

To avoid such cases, it is very important to buy the things that are really necessary. These types of games should not be used as a weapon at any time. Punishments must be carried out with other things, such as consoles. A child who is willing to learn through a game should never be punished by withdrawing it.You should know that it is very important that children learn to play at the individual level and at the family level .

Getting a good combination

Getting a good combination is very important. For example, I recommend that your child play alone, to get to break the bonds of protection little by little. While playing with family and friends will help you see that socialization is something very important in our lives.Finally, you should know that children often entertain themselves more with other things than with the toys themselves.

If, for example, your child sees a stick that catches his attention and  him, you should never take it off. It is important that you let your imagination develop and enjoy, even if the object you are playing with is very simple. Sometimes the simplest is the most fun.

Mistakes you should not make when buying a toy

  • You should not make the mistake of buying a toy that is not suitable for your child’s age.
  • You should never give away sexist toys or that transmit values ​​that you do not want to transmit to your children.
  • Children will always ask for the biggest toy.
  • You as a good father or mother should know to value which option is the one that most interests your child.
  • Remember, size is not important.
  • The important thing is the fun and the degree of learning that your child will acquire after playing with the game.
  • When you go to buy an educational toy, you should always keep in mind that it is fun.
  • If your child is not attracted to the game for lack of fun, the game will not transmit knowledge to your child.
  • That is, it will not be valid.You should not make the mistake of buying a game because it goes on television .
  • Before buying it, you should look at the opinions of other people and make sure that it really is the alternative you are looking for.
  • Finally, I recommend you not to buy too many games. A wide variety of games will block your child and eventually will not play with anything.
  • It is better few games and have fun, than many and not play with any. What’s more, it may have happened to you.
  • Your son or daughter has many games, but finally ends up playing with a role, a stick or a stone.
  • The simplest in many occasions ends up triumphing.