Famosa Toys The 8 best Nancy dolls( Nancy dolls)

Nancy toys

The 8 best Nancy dolls

Nancy dolls have been the favorites in childhood of many people. But not only do the little ones in the house enjoy them, but some adults also collect them. Whatever the reason you are looking for the best Nancy dolls , we bring you a selection of the most in demand.

Nancy Diva Marilyn Monroe doll

Inspired by the film of this artist of the 60s known as “Temptation lives up“, the first of the Nancy dolls that we bring you is this model of collector’s edition. It has the original dimensions of the old Nancy, so the doll dresses from years ago will serve you.

It is ideal for those who are fans of Marilyn Monroe, since it emulates the expression, hairstyle and the frightful white dress of this famous scene of the artist.

Nancy Doll Adventures in the Ocean

The next one of the Nancy dolls that we want to show you is this intrepid Nancy doll who comes in a pack with a convertible boogie, animal care bag she saves, fish pool and prismatic. As you can see, it is a very complete box that will make the little ones in the house more entertaining while they learn to take care of aquatic animals.

Nancy toys

Famosa Toys The 8 best Nancy dolls( Nancy dolls)

We like this Nancy doll that has articulated knees, unlike others in the same house. The car that is included in the price is very strong, although for it to work you will have to push it, but it includes a lot of curious details.

Nancy doll with the Dragon Gus

This Nancy doll is ideal for those boys and girls who have problems when going to bed alone, since Nancy uses her imaginary friend, the Dragon Gus, to protect her at night and, likewise, You can do it with the kids.

In addition, it includes a magic lantern that projects the image of Gus, the Dragon, and that will make the darkness not total, thus serving to keep at bay all the monsters that plague our children’s nightmares. In short, it is one of the best ways to make children feel safer at bedtime.

Nancy Skater doll

For those who enjoy sports activities is the Nancy doll Skater, which is equipped with all the necessary protection elements: helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Although, of course, it is also taken into account that injuries in this type of sports are the order of the day, so it also has a plaster and markers and glitter to decorate it.

It has the disadvantage that it is a bit unstable, since making the doll keep its balance on the skate can be somewhat complicated. Maybe that’s why it comes with the plaster included

Nancy doll Magic room

This is another one of the Nancy dolls that come in a pack, next to a bunk bed, a house for your pet Ernesto and a fantastic magic mirror, as well as a lot of accessories so you can disguise your Nancy as a princess, doctor or pirate .

This Nancy doll is about 40 centimeters tall and the bunk bed is very resistant to shocks. We especially like that it is one of the few toys that comes with the batteries included, so you can play with the mirror at the same time you receive it.

Nancy Doll of Communion

Do you know any girl who is going to make communion and you don’t know what to give her? Then stop looking, because a detail that you will love is this Nancy doll who is dressed and prepared, like her, to make her First Communion.

It is a memory that will keep for many years. It is a very faithful model to the older Nancys, with only minor details that do not matter, as is the case with the thickness of the eyelashes. In addition, it comes with its certified numbering.

Nancy Doll Reissue of 1973

There are several models of this Nancy from 1973 that have been recently reissued. You can buy replicas of the Romantic Nancy, Tennis Player or Painter, among others. All models include certificates of authenticity and quality assurance of the Famosa house, in addition to being unique collection designs.

Being collector’

Being collector’s edition Nancy dolls, they have all the details especially taken care of, so they are the best answer for those nostalgic people of the time who look for the Nancys of the quality of yesteryear, since these are a faithful model of the old dolls

Nancy doll

The last of the Nancy doll selection that we want to show you is the Crystal Princess, which comes with a beautiful blue dress with silver highlights and bluish pearls. It will delight children who love the concept of princess of Frozen, since it has certain similarities with Elsa.

In the photo it may seem like a normal Nancy, but it is a little bigger than these. We recommend that you be careful when combing it, since the hair may come loose a little.