The best school cases of Best Boarding High school

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Choosing a child’s case correctly is very important, so you can carry everything you need in class. To help you, I present a list of the best school cases.

Novato school case

I am going to start this list with a situation that I think is very funny and above all very interesting.If we look at its design, we can see how the school case stands out for its mustache drawing.Once commented on its design, we can see that it has been manufactured with cotton fabric and PU quality, that is, your children can have a good case, which will last more than one school year without problems, as long as they give it a use suitable.Your children can put many things inside since it has dimensions of 20 x 8 cm.

It is not super large, but I can assure you that pens, pens, rubber bands, paintings everything your child needs can put it in this case.It has a click closure system.This system makes opening and closing the case comfortable and fast. For example, if your child quickly needs a pen, he can open the case in a second and take it. So you can have all the material you need well organized.Another of the things I like the most is the touch it has. As it has high-quality materials, the case is very soft when taking it, which makes it very pleasant to have on hand.

Feitong school animal case

If you are looking for a school case for your young children, you will surely like it. They stand out for having a beautiful design. Depending on the tastes of your children, you can bet on a panda, a dog, a frog, a cow, or a duck. I like all the alternatives, so it cost me a lot to finally bet on the panda.The case is perfect for the smallest of the house, not only for its design but for its size. They can take it without problems, since it is quite small, although they can put their pens, paintings or pens without issues.

To the touch, it is very soft, at least the panda option. Of the others, I cannot comment since I have not had them in my hand, although I imagine that they will be equally soft and soft.The factory finishes are very well achieved, although its price is very low. When I got home, I was astonished for good, both for its exterior and the sewing of the inner lining, which is perfect. I expected somewhat less quality for its price.

Homecube school case

In the case of looking for a large school case, with a simple design, but elegant in turn, this sure model that will interest you and your children, which will be what they will use.The model is long and rectangular, hence a large number of pens, pens, or even paints can be stored. It is an exciting option for children of all ages.Depending on your child’s tastes, you can buy it in one color or another. I bought it in blue. In my case, I came with the brand rubberized logo.

Its interior is padded and allows you to put up to 5 pens in the five rubber bands that you have to hold things. But as it is so extensive, then you can put many things without leaving them. On the top, it has a small zip pocket. My children use it to put the eraser and prevent it from being lost when they are not using it. Besides, it has another small pocket with velcro. It is a complete model.To close it, it has a double zipper, which works very well. At the moment, my children do not have to make an effort to close it, even if they have many things inside.

Transparent Covermason case

It seems a lie, but the simplest may be that you succeed among your children. With this open case, your children can carry all the pens and pens they need, in a very peculiar model.I love it, even though its price is meager. The model can be purchased in different colors, such as pink, blue, green, or orange, among others. But the funny thing is that it is translucent, which makes it very beautiful and also allows you to see the items inside. This is a positive point for the child since he will know where he has to look to get the pencil he needs.

The capacity of this model is quite extensive. It has measures of 18.5 x 6 x 4.5cm. Thanks to these measures, your children can carry many things inside the case.It has been manufactured with jelly. If you don’t know what it is, it can tell you that it is a kind of soft plastic. It is a great option, when buying something cheap and modern.

school cases

The best school cases of Best Boarding High school

IEFiEl school case

If you want your child to carry all the pens, paintings and pens well ordered, with this 4-compartment case you will get it.Through its four departments, your children will have 75 slots so they can store their paintings or pens in an orderly manner and without them falling out of the case when opened.The case itself feels good just touching it. Looking at its small label, I have seen that it has been manufactured in Oxford cloth, hence it is quite soft to the touch.

The important thing is that your child is clear about where he keeps things, to open the right apartment, and not have to have everything open. As for space, the case can be carried without problems in the wallet. Of course, it will occupy a little more space than the previous models.As data, each compartment goes with its zipper. This is very good, since this way, your child will only have to open a part of the case and will not have to have everything open.

Bowknot Internet school case

If you are looking for a simple, beautiful, and modern case for your daughter, this time, I propose to bet on this type of situation, which will not disappoint you.This model has been manufactured with jelly, a kind of plastic. But for the price it has is an exciting option. Despite being of this material, your daughter will surely like it, since she can carry all her things inside. For example, you can put three pens, a rubber, and several pens without problems.

And, although it seems not very spacious, many things come inside.To prevent things from getting out of your interior, it has a zipper that does not get stuck in any of your teeth.Depending on the tastes of the girl who is going to use it, it can be bought in pink, yellow, or different shades of green.Really if you are looking for something economical and that lasts at least one school year, with this case you will not have any problem. Moreover, surely your daughter’s friends will ask her where she bought it to have an equal one.

Eastpak school case

The Eastpak brand presents an example of tight dimensions but offers more than enough capacity to carry everything. Although it may seem small in the photo, I can assure you that it is a model with a large role.A point that I like about this model is that it has very well achieved finishes. In my opinion, the quality of this model is very good.It is perfect for boys and girls, since it really is a unisex case . The design is not really what stands out, but if you are looking for something discreet, with this case you can get it.

This model has been manufactured so that children can make intensive use and endure the problem-free use. At the moment after a few months of use, I can assure you that it is still new, hence I can say that with this model I have made a good purchase for one of my children. All this is possible because it has been manufactured with a very resistant textile material. As for its dimensions, I can tell you that it measures 21 x 6 x 9cm. Hence, I can assure you a wide range inside.

Milk Carton Hrph School Case

Looking for a different and really cool case? I recommend you consider this model, which simulates the milk box and will allow you to carry many things inside the case.To begin with, the first thing that will get your attention is its milk box design. It has been designed to attract attention and to allow the person who carries it to keep inside many pens, pens … it is perfect for children who want to attract attention. Of course, if your child is not one of the children who like to be the center, then you should not buy this model to go to school.You can buy this model in two colors .

I personally bought the color blue, but it is also available in red. This is already a matter of taste, although I know people who have bought both colors, to have the pack. And it is despite its originality, the price is very cheap.It has been manufactured with Pu and is waterproof . Your children can carry the case on rainy days and the interior will not get wet. Usually it is usually carried in the backpack, but it is a detail that may interest you. In addition, it is a perfect case to give for a birthday, since the child will not expect such an original gift.

Bestial Wolf School Case

Finally I will finish the list with a case that is very well priced and has a somewhat aggressive design but beautiful in turn.This model has a black fabric, which includes an illustration of fierce wolf. The illustration really makes it a very beautiful model.These materials will allow your child to enjoy this case at least one school year.

Its interior stands out for having 3 compartments , in which to place different things in an orderly manner. These departments have a zipper, to prevent things from falling when moving the case.If your child is to put many things in the case, this model will endure even if it leads to bursting, while the zipper seems very resistant, although to see if it is resistant to use, you will have to wait a little longer.

Tips for choosing the best school case

In the market there is a wide variety of models of school cases to choose from. The variety is very good, but sometimes it can block us, causing us to have problems when choosing the best model. For this reason, I will show you a series of tips, with which you will have a little easier choice.As we will talk a little below, you must choose between padel, tin or bag style case . Depending on your child’s tastes, you should buy one model or another.The case is a person thing of every boy or girl.

If you want to succeed in your purchase, the best thing you can do is consult them and allow them to choose the model you like best. You should always set limits on them, to avoid going over a certain budget. As you have seen, I have shown you a list of the best school cases you can buy today.These models stand out for having a good price and especially for having a really very interesting design.When buying a case it is very important to look at its capacity .

There are children who just want to carry a pen, a pen and little else. In this type of case, with a small model it will be more than enough. But if your children are to carry many things, then you should look at a model with an appropriate size, which allows them to carry many things. Remember, if you buy them a case and it doesn’t allow them to carry everything they want, then they will reject it.Design is another very important factor to consider.It is not the same to buy a case for a 3-year-old child than for a child of 8 or more than 10 years old. Depending on the age, you should choose a more or less childish theme.

It is important that your child is changing the case, to adapt to the age at each moment of his life.Whenever you can, you should purchase cases that have been manufactured with good materials. Your child will surely like to have a very soft and soft case. Also, if you have the opportunity, I recommend that the case be waterproof, so that things inside do not get wet in case the case has contact with water.

Different types of school cases

As I have commented, in the market there is a wide variety of models to choose from, but this time we are going to focus on the 3 main models, so you can know them.

Bag case :

Bag case it may be the simplest, but it is the most successful. It really is a bag style model with a zipper, very simple but very comfortable in turn. Inside you can carry many things, while taking up very little space. Depending on how loaded you go, it will take up more or less space.The main advantage of this variety of cases is that they are really very light and weigh nothing . The weight that your child will have to carry will be the weight of the things inside. Of course, if you bet on this variety, it is very important that the fabric or plastic is resistant, to prevent it from breaking too quickly.

This detail is very important, if you already know that your child will carry many things inside.The problem with this variety of case is that if you put too many things inside, especially if it is located at the bottom of the case.But personally I can tell you that it is one of my favorite options. Not only because today it is the model that takes the most, but because it is very light and has a manageability.

Tin case : as the name implies, it has been made of tin or aluminum . It stands out for being small and weighing hardly anything. Of course, it is only suitable for children who want to keep few things inside. For example, it is perfect if your child looks for something simple to store a pencil, a pen, a pencil sharpener and a rubber. In this case it would be more than enough, while all these products will be very well protected inside.

Of course, if the goal is to carry more things inside, then this variation is not what you are looking for.This model has two main drawbacks. It makes a lot of noise and when you fall you can break the hinges in case you have them. And of course, also space.

Padel Lobb style case

Padel Lobb style case  It is a model that has lost prominence in recent years, because of its size, which is quite large. If you do not know it, it is the case that looks like a small briefcase with different departments and with elastic bands to hold the different things. This case always closes with one or several zippers, depending on the number of departments.

The main advantage of this variety of cases is that children can know where they have things easily, since everything will be very well organized. But in return, it has many disadvantages, which makes more and more parents bet on this model for their children. First, it takes up enough space in the backpack. If you carry many books, this can be a problem. The gums are not completely resistant, which makes them quickly use themselves, so they stop working. Now that you know the 3 main types of cases on the market, you should choose which one best suits your needs.

What to take in a school case?

This is really a very personal question, since, depending on the age of the child, you must carry some things or others.If the child is small, we recommend that you always go to class with a pair of pens, a rubber and a pencil sharpener. In addition, if you have to make plastic or any type of craft, then you should also bring paints and other materials you may need.

When the child is getting older, then he will take the step to write with pen. Depending on the requirements of the class, you should put a blue and a red pen in the case. Some teachers also require that their students include green or other colored pens, although this happens rarely. If your child starts writing with a pen, it can be interesting to put a pilot, with which he can put a patch and rectify any type of error he may have made.

Where to buy the best school cases?

If you want to have at your disposal the best collection and the best prices, then do not hesitate, make the purchase online. Through this medium you can get the model you like most at a much cheaper price than in physical stores.If you do not want to make your purchase online, it is best to go to a bookstore, where you can find a wide variety of models. Of course, you can also go to your nearest hyper, where you can enjoy good prices, although the variety will be very small.