The 5 best video games to play with children for PC

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Video games, far from what many people may think, help in the intellectual development of the little ones, since they encourage reasoning, strategy, as well as another set of objectives that work very well from the computer screen. Many of them are perfect for family play, and that is why we wanted to make a section where you will find the best video games to play with children for PC.

The Sims 4 Collection

If you grew up with The Sims as a child, you would surely want your children to have a great time with this saga where you can create many different stories for your characters. A simulation video game that is worthwhile and with which you will spend and spend many hours of fun building your house and making your sim’s life fantastic.

In this product, you will find not only the base game, but also a collection with seven different titles so you can fully enjoy this saga that will never stop impressing us.

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The 5 best video games 2020 to play with children for PC

Viva piñata for PC

A game that stands out above all for its color and for being one of the best-rated games for those who want to play with children on their desktop or laptop. Viva Piñata has a huge cast of possibilities, as well as piñata design.

 you have to take care of the animals in the shape of a piñata that you have in a huge garden that is growing as many more missions you are doing, preventing them from being destroyed by evil beings. A good strategy and simulation game that will keep the little ones focused on achieving their goals and improvements that the gardener gives us.

Minecraft: Story Mode

One of the games that have more followers is Minecraft. You can say that this title rivals Super Mario, that if you are interested, we tell you  since it can be played by both children and adults, giving a series of facilities to players that at first may seem simple, but that, the more progress is being made in the game, the characteristics increase and the difficulty also, getting a very level game and which also fosters the imagination and creativity of the smallest of the house.In this title, in addition to all this, you can follow the story of charismatic characters.

Zoo Tycoon Ultimate

If your little one loves to play video games and they also like animals, then you have to give him this game that he will surely love and love. It is a zoo simulator with about 200 different animals that you can manage in your own zoo with great detail.

You can not only place the animals in their cages and feed them, but also place the restaurants or shops, as well as spaces full of life so that your visitors can fully enjoy the stay. You will also find situations that require more reasoning, such as when an animal escapes from the cage, or you have several sick animals.

Fifa 19

Today everyone knows the famous football saga for PC Fifa. This time we show you the 2019 version, in which you will find many improvements that will make your gameplay perfect. It has many ways for you to never get bored of this product, from a champion league mode, being able to catch all the teams in this competition, as well as continue with your professional career as a footballer.

One of the main advantages of this title is that you can play face to face with your child, being able to have a great time, telling that it has spectacular graphics and animation. Tips for buying the best video games to play with children for PC

Tips to buy the best video games to play with children for PC

Video games are not only for young people or adults since children can also fully enjoy the adventures of the characters of the main titles that are currently on the market. It is true that not all games are going to be recommended according to what type of age, for this reason, if what you are looking for is a list with the best video games for children on PC, here we have analyzed them, however, you We will give some tips that will help you decide which one to buy.

The first of all is to see the tastes of your child, and this is decisive because if, for example, he fears dinosaurs and does not want to see them or in painting, it is possible that a game of these creatures does not like it, everything Otherwise, suppose a fairly negative trance. In the same way, it happens with excessively childish games. Each game has some indications that will tell you exactly what is the recommended age to start playing with it, however, if a couple of years goes by that same game can even be boring for them, having to opt for others.

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There are games that, no matter how famous they are and as much as the little one sees it announced, we must ban their purchase. One of these examples is with the GTA saga since, in this videogame, you can do things that should only be accessible to the most adult public. Other games are horror games, such as Resident Evil, which has very traumatic scenes and can cause the child to not sleep at night.

Although in PC games it is not the most common, you have to be very careful with video games that ask for payments or micropayments, since, if we leave the children playing for a second, we can find the problem that they have bought something with the credit card, be it a skin, a box with surprise objects among others.

One tip that we give you is that you do not use the games to have the child entertained, but to spend time with them, since after all the school activities, such as extracurricular ones, they need to be with their parents for a while, playing and spending time in Great for the time to sleep and rest.