Witch costumes, although immensely popular, never go out of style at Halloween festivities and theme parties. Maybe that’s why, today we want to help you get a very original and unique so that you stand out among your friends and friends. Obviously, it is much easier to acquire a witch costume in specialized stores, but The Costume if you bet on doing it yourself, here you can check that with simple materials and a dash of will, you can create an amazing set. Let’s start

Step 1: Making the dress

Perhaps this is the easiest step to achieve a witch costume. Almost all of us have a black dress at home, although you can also use a skirt and shirt set of the same color. Although black is the quintessential color, you can also opt for something more daring like purple.

As for the length of the suit, we leave it to your choice, because if you want to show off your legs you can opt for a short dress and adjusted to the body, or maybe a longer and baggy one if your intention is to show a more traditional costume.

To give it an extra touch of originality, you can include wide bands of gold fabric at the end of the sleeves, and of course, do not forget to reinforce your costume with brand new black ankle boots.

Step 2: the witch hat

Acquiring a witch hat at a costume shop can be a good solution to save you this step, but if you decide to make one on your own, you will need a black cardboard about 50 cm high, and with a length wide enough for you You can achieve the characteristic cone of this type of accessories.Then roll the cardboard at one of its ends until it takes a pointed shape, always ensuring that the opposite end is wide enough so that you can place it on your head.

Next, fix the sides of the cone with glue and trim the remaining section. Now place the cone on a square piece of cardboard and mark the base, then trim it leaving about 10 or 15 cm of space to achieve the wing.To finish, fix the cone to the edge that you have trimmed with black American ribbon and decorate your hat with typical Halloween figures such as spiders, stars, moons and cobwebs.

If you want to bet on your creativity, do not forget to include a tape with buckle at the base of the cone. Now you do have a hat worthy of a witch.



Step 3: Witch’s Hair

For witch hair, you will need between 4 and 5 skeins of wool. Here you can combine several colors from white to gray or black. Next, arrange several strips of the skein around the inside of the hat, and then fix them with the American ribbon.

The length of the “hairs” we leave at your choice, but do not forget to leave the section where your face will go completely free. If you prefer, you can use skeins of different colors (blue, green, red, orange, yellow) and create exclusive strands of hair. Who said witches couldn’t be fun?

Step 4: The stockings

In this step, the averages are totally optional. If you have opted for a short dress and do not want to show off your legs or do not want to wear ankle boots, you can resort to wearing colored socks. If you are looking for a more traditional or formal design, you can use black and white striped socks. In any case you will be perfectly scary.

Step 5: Very important: Makeup!

Undoubtedly, makeup is 50% of the success of your witch costume. Here there are as many options as you like, but we can advise you some very funny and original variants. For example, if you want to show yourself as a typical cartoon witch, you can use green makeup, combined with paints of different colors.

Similarly, it is an excellent idea to decorate your face, hands and neck with white paint or makeup. Next, use some egg white to recreate wrinkles, or put on a pair of fake wrinkles. You will look great!If you want to opt for an evil witch makeup, use a clear base for the entire face and those parts of your bare skin.

You will have a very auspicious pale appearance, which you can also combine with purple eyeshadow. To top it off, use a deep red lipstick, and with a mascara, define your eyelashes and eyebrows.

Step 6: The layer

A witch without a cape is a half witch. Therefore, you can use a square black cloth the size you like. Now cut a red cloth with equal dimensions and sew both pieces. The red section will go inside the layer, and to attach it to your body, add two strips on each side to place on the shoulders, or, cook them horizontally to link them over the chest.

Here you can also squeeze your imagination and glue small figures of animals, creatures and objects related to Halloween to the black cloth.That is all! Have you seen how simple it can be? Try it at home.


To reinforce your evil witch costume, don’t forget the typical broom. You can buy it at costume stores or make your own. It is very simple.If you need to make the costume of the Snow White witch, you can lean on the previous steps, adding some additional elements

Such as the queen’s golden crown, the enchanted apple or a mirror. In addition, we recommend that you use a black balaclava to cover your forehead and your hair.

Materials you will need to make your witch costume

1: Black dress or skirt and shirt set
2: Ankle boots
3: Wide gold ribbon
4: Black cardboard
5: American tape
6: Glue
7: Skeins of wool
8: Paper figures (stars, spiders, moons, etc.)
9: White paint or makeup
10: Black fabric