Euro to Pound Currency Convertor

Euro and Pound have remained the strongest currencies since the time they were accepted as currencies. The pound is about 1,200 years old, at the time when sterlings or pennies were the main currencies of England. The Euro was officially accepted by the European Union on 1st January, 1999. The United Kingdom always opposed the formation of the European Union, but after long negotiations, the Maastricht Treaty entered into force in 1993 with the goal of creating an economic and monetary union by 1999 for all EU states except the UK and Denmark (even though Denmark has a fixed exchange rate policy with the euro).

Euro to Pound History

In 1717, a historic decision was made when England decided to follow Germany to use gold standard to measure sterling.

But during the great depression of the 1930s, the value of pound fell to the lowest value ever, so much so that it had to be removed from the gold standards measurement.

The Euro is the official currency of 19 of the 28 members of the European Union. Some of the countries which have adopted it are France, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Greece, Ireland, etc.

The adoption of Euro has many benefits which were primarily the reason it was adopted. Its aim was to remove the monetary and trade barriers across its member countries and have a uniform economic and monetary policy.

Euro to Pound Converter

The Euro vs. Pound value has relatively remained the same since the circulation of Euro currencies since 2000. The average pound to euro rate has remained around 1.4. So if you are considering to buy pounds with euros we will keep posting articles daily regarding pound to euro forecast and other important information relating to Euro to Pound only here.

Here we have provided you with some common euro to pound conversions (as on 5/12/18) which you may find handy :

52 euro in pounds: 46.17 Pound Sterling

100 euros in pounds: 88.97 Pound Sterling

50 euros in pounds: 44.40 Pound Sterling

150 euros in pounds: 133.21 Pound Sterling

200 euros in pounds: 177.62 Pound Sterling

We shall keep updating you here about euro to pound today rates so do keep visiting this site daily for more such useful information.

Euro to Pound Graph

Here in this site, we shall answer some Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) daily related to euro forecast for next week. Since the year 2018 is coming to an end the pound to euro forecast 2018 has been not been smooth and full of ups and downs. The rate for the first five days in the month of December has not shown any signs of recovery and has been stagnant at 1.13 Euro per Pound Sterling.

Here we have provided you a chart showing the exchange rate pound to euro for the past 10 years

Euro to Pound Graph 10 Years

Euro To Pound Tourist Rate

If you are a European citizen and want to travel to UK, or vice versa, you might want to know euro to pound today. For exchanging currencies, there are many agencies such as Thomas Cook and Cox and Kings are global Forex and Travel agencies which provide the best rates for various international currencies such as Euro, Yen, Pound, etc.

Whenever you travel abroad, you would want the best pound to euro tourist rate. There may be many good players in the forex market but you need to choose your agency carefully to get the best value for your money.

Here in this site we shall keep providing you with the list of some of the best Forex agencies where you can get the best rates for 1 eur to gbp.

Is the Euro Going Up or Down Against the Pound


As you know the forex market is a huge industry in which the major stakeholder are large international banks and there are many small private players or forex merchants, banks, investment management firms, hedge funds, etc. who may speculate the foreign exchange rates to incur profits or losses also many times.

So if keep a track of forex rates daily and have any interests out of it, you have to monitor the rates of all the major currencies daily. Euro and pound being two of the strongest currencies in the world are always being monitored in the forex market. To know the current exchange rates of euro vs. pound you need to check pound to euro exchange rate today post office. It will help you get the exact rate for euro vs. pound and clear your doubt whether it is the best time for changing euros to pounds and how much you will lose or gain if you invest in either of the currencies. And lastly, it will also give you a fair idea about the general trend in the forex market of the word, whether it is bullish or bearish.